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Holidays, birthdays, or simply because you care…
Do you know someone who has tried countless times to get in shape with little or no success?

If so, a customized fitness and nutrition program designed by fitness expert Louk Damianov is just what they need. With a health and fitness gift certificate, you can help your friends achieve their fitness goals.

A DLElementsSM gift certificate is a great and convenient way to give someone you care about the gift of personalized health and fitness. Great for them because they will be getting all the benefits of having a professional fitness coach (loosing fat, gaining lean muscle, improving health, etc.) - and convenient for you because the certificates are one computer click or one phone call away.

Each gift certificate has a value of $186.00 and includes a personal fitness assessment with a personal training session. If you prefer something even more special, DLElementsSM will gladly customize a gift certificate to your specifications.  Be sure to call or e-mail us with any questions.

To purchase gift certificates, simply making your selections and click the "Buy Now" button below and complete your order.  We will then send you a gift certificate for the recipient you specify.

Please click to read our new gift certificate procedure

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We want to help you make your gift as easy as possible for the recipent to redeam.  We had so much trouble with PayPal's gift certificate procedure last year that we're mailing the gift certificates out ourselves.

Simply press the buy now button below to prepay services and we'll be happy to mail a gift certificate to you with the recipients name and amount filled in.

As always, we appreciate your business and would like to do everything possible to provide you and your recipient with the best experience.


Contact us at for custom gift amounts or special instructions.

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