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More people are joining fitness gyms - but obesity is at its highest level ever, and still increasing.  Something must be wrong.

All DLElementsSM clients start with a 90 minute consultation.  This informal meeting gives us a chance to:

  • Get acquainted
  • Establish your health and fitness goals
  • Conduct critical assessments, such us:
    • Health History, Exercise History & Attitude, Lifestyle, Body Type Blueprint, Body Composition Evaluation, and Fitness Testing including the 5 Elements of WellnessSM.
  • Assess your past and current health behavior
  • Determine your sport and fitness interests and experiences
  • Answer all your questions about the role of you & your DLElementsSM personal coach

Each session following the initial consultation is 40 or 60 minutes. Your program is designed specifically for your fitness goals, and sessions are available 6 days a week, between 7 am and 8 pm.  Coaching fees are determined based on the package of sessions designed for you.  Contact us for more details.

Why wait?  Get your own consultation now for just $68.00 - Regularly $98.

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