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Fellow Golf Lover,

Let's face the facts. You need to be in shape to be on your best game. Taking lessons and putting in hours of practice on the course or at the driving range are not the only ways to improve your game. Improving your fitness could be the key element for breaking into a higher level of athletic performance.

– Why special conditioning for the golf game?

Poor condition causes early fatigue, which is an open invitation to skill loss and inevitable errors. Recognizing and working to improve your body's physical limitations can help you correct swing flaws, build muscle strength and increase club head speed. A recent study demonstrated that combining strength training with stretching exercise can produce a five-mile-per-hour increase in club head speed during an eight-week program (according to John Parziali and Wayne Westcott in the December 1997 issue of Fitness Management).

Lack of conditioning can be a cause for poor performance on the course. As the body ages, physical changes occur. Many of us know that as we get older, we get weaker and tighter, and our bodies don't seem to recover from physical exertion as quickly as they used to. We are stiffer in the morning, and we don't loosen up as quickly. When we focus on conditioning, we can recoup some of that lean muscle mass we might have naturally lost, increase our flexibility and decrease our percentage of body fat.

– What does DLElementsSM do?

DLElementsSM offers a comprehensive fitness plan for every skill level and body type for lifelong benefit. We will custom-design a program for you, focusing on four key areas:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle Strength
  • Common Golf Injury Prevention.

Physically, this approach is intended to help you play better and more consistently, with fewer chances of injury and greater enjoyment.

Mentally, this approach is intended to help you play with greater self-confidence, and possess more mental focus -- before, during and after your game.

– How do we accomplish my fitness goals?

The game-plan at DLElementsSM is to evaluate where the client is emotionally, mentally, and physically before exercise, in order to determine the direction and intensity of that day's workout, keeping overall objectives in mind. We show our clients that they can become even better athletes by being fit. Those who are physically fit know their bodies will be there for them when it counts. DLElementsSM Fitness for Golf will not only reduce the effects of physical fatigue, but also will help sustain longer periods of concentration, allowing you to maintain your skill levels and to stay focused throughout practice and competitive situations.

– How do I get started with DLElementsSM?

You are welcome to call or e-mail by using the Contact Info. We appreciate your business and time.


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