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Every movement we make involves our muscular system. Muscles are unique in their ability to relax, contract, and produce force. In addition, this metabolically active tissue is highly responsive to training stimuli. With appropriate exercise, muscles become larger and stronger; without appropriate exercise, muscles become smaller and weaker. This solution presents information about the benefits of sensible strength training and the recommended procedures for safe, effective, and efficient muscle development.

Strength training is the process of exercising with progressively heavier resistance for the purpose of strengthening the musculo-skeletal system. Physiologically, regular strength training results in the following positive adaptations:

  • Increased muscle fiber size
  • Increased muscles contractile strength
  • Increased tendon tensile strength
  • Increased bone strength
  • Increased ligament tensile strength

These beneficial changes within the musculo-skeletal tissue have a profound influence on our physical capacity, physical appearance, metabolic function, and injury risk.

Strength-training improves functional capacity to work and exercise, enhances physical appearance, increases metabolic rate, reduces risk of injury, lowers high blood pressure, builds bone density, and protects against a variety of degenerative problems. To design safe and effective strength-training programs, DLElementsSM fitness professionals employ their knowledge of the relationship between muscular forces and resistive forces, as well as the factors that affect strength performance.

There are four categories of strength training equipment: isometric, isokinetic, dynamic constant resistance, and dynamic variable resistance. Almost any form of progressive resistance exercise will stimulate some degree of strength gain. However, many strength-training programs have a high risk of injury and low rate of muscle development. As your fitness professionals, we will employ guidelines that ensure safe, effective, and efficient strength-training experiences.

The real trick in designing your personal resistance-training programs is determining your unique needs and interests. DLElementsSM fitness professionals develop the goals of the programs by listening to what our clients think they want to accomplish, and by acting on what we hear.

We do not make the mistake of blindly adapting a program simply because it was used by a particular weight-trained athlete. There is no one optimal combination of sets and repetitions. Most systems or combinations of repetitions, sets, and loads will often produce results in spite of their design, because the body will adapt to any load to which it is not accustomed to handling. However, results by themselves do not mean you have the best and safest program for attaining your results.

Using and re-using one exercise plan or style of training for both athletics and fitness is a common mistake when planning resistance-training programs. DLElementsSM fitness professionals understand that the needs of the general fitness enthusiast are different from those of athletes, and we customize our solutions to address the client. Our professional team ensures the training systems we develop meet our client's needs and current situation.

We look forward to working with you. Call today, and ask how we can help you achieve your fitness goals. For a consultation, call 678-701-8005 or go to the Contact page for additional information.


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